The Life Force of the Young

Too much was uncertain, and typically investors do not like to venture into a space where even market size is undefined. But many times that is the only way. We decided to build a database for all of India, with no investor money.


Maverick and his Need for Excitement

Entrepreneur-ism 6: The Maverick and his Need for Excitement Continuing the discussion on the key entrepreneurial archetypes… Mavericks are perpetually in search of excitement; achievement for them is a constant state of a high gotten from incessantly pushing themselves and those around them.  Neither is success nor failure as important to them, as to do…

Entrepreneur-ism 4: The Hero and Love of Success

Achievement for the Hero is about the fulfillment of their responsibility to something larger than themselves. That is a huge driver because it provides the Hero with a motive far beyond himself, and that helps him become larger than life in his own mind. The Hero’s instinct goes something like this – ‘When the cause is bigger than me, should not the effort also be bigger than myself?’