There is an answer out there somewhere, and so this shot at it – ||un.e.arth|| Or अर्थ का अभाव, roughly translated – lack of structure and order. In many different ways I have been trying to figure out the characteristics and implications of a liberal and free social and economic order. These webpages put together most of what I have written over the years.

For those who don’t know I started off with a healthy distrust of large organizations. This includes governments, large companies, large NGOs, and anything where many human beings need to coordinate under a central command. In two decades that I have been working on the Indian economy, this view has not changed that much, though just about everything else has. I do continue to believe that greatest freedom is achieved when small organizations are not overly dependent on large organizations for anything, where they can enter and exit from all legal tasks easily and without too much costs. And I believe that the objective of the government is to make life easy for the small organizations and less powerful individuals. That ‘ease’ should not be through monetary incentives which are an overrated tool for achieving desired ends, but simply through ease of access and recognition, together these non monetary incentives can achieve much.

Typically most of the studies I have been involved in have been quantitative. But all the newspaper op-eds etc have avoided using any numbers. I do believe, if something is really important, you should not need numbers to make your point. And so I have avoided using numbers for a long time, despite the demands by friends.


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